I'm always pushing myself to learn more about computer science, whether that means exploring a new programming language or reading about recent advancements in AI.



Explaining code I've written or a concept I learned about is a great way for me to help others and cement my own understanding of the topic. Please feel free to check out the projects I've made available on GitHub!



I love using what I've learned to design something useful, fun, or both! As I keep creating, I'll add to the collection of games, articles, and tools that I've published on this site.

Here's a preview of what to expect in the future.

I've already published a few articles about getting started with Linux-based desktop operating systems. Read on to learn about other topics I'm planning to write about.

Linux Penguin

Configure local area network infrastructure to speed up and protect your home Intranet.

Stay tuned for articles about customizing your router and controlling the firewalls on your devices.


Start programming. Learn about both general concepts and specific languages.

Tutorials involving loops, logic, objects, and methods are coming soon. Keep watching for more information about building your own websites, apps, and games.